About Us

We created Super Repos with the aim of it being a LIVE repository of various forms of content curated to answer your questions on a regular basis. Our first goal is to curate content for various functions that are required for the successful operations of any high growth organisation which aims at answering the below questions.

To kick this initiative we have chosen the product management function, details are below.

Product Management Program

About the Role

This section focuses on introducing you to the function of product management, please follow the below sections to better understand the function, how your ideal day would look and best places to find further deep dive to learn more.

What exactly is Product Management?

Interesting literature around Product Management

Who is a Product Manager? What are their skills?

Terms Glossary

What does a Product Manager do in her/his day?

Other Repositories

Breaking into PM

Have you ever wondered what does it take to become a product manager, we have collated few articles and links that would help you with this topic. We are hoping to walk you through the journey of how people have become successful PMs, how do you break into the role and what are the core competencies required

Breaking into PM

PM interviewing

This focuses on helping aspiring product managers understand what it takes to interview as a product manager, the questions it would help you prepare for all stages for a typical product manager interview and what you need to do to prepare for it

PM Interviewing